Case studies

Shirley (Age 60) – Life changing events


Shirley came to us during a very difficult time, when her husband was terminally ill.


She needed some advice in relation to her and her husband’s superannuation accounts and advice on how to manage this challenging turn of events.


Given these funds were in a unique type of superannuation environment, through our exhaustive research and our experience from similar situations, we were able to utilise a commutation and tax back strategy that increased the total superannuation payout from a ‘no action’ sum of $277,700 to $466,000 - an increase of $188,300


We also needed to ensure that everything was in order from an estate planning point of view, including binding nominations.


Following this we were able implement a super contribution strategy to provide Shirley with positive retirement planning outcomes. When she chose to retire, we were able to use these funds and her other superannuation monies to provide her with a sustainable, tax free retirement income, in line with her goals.


In addition to this, Shirley now receives ongoing financial planning advice, administration and portfolio management services

Tony and Katherine (Aged 65 & 64) – Pending Retirees


Tony and Katherine sought our advice when they were closing in on their pending retirement. While Tony was ready to retire straight away, Katherine was looking to work for another year.


Much of our advice looked at retirement income planning, with a particular focus on how best to structure their existing investment and super balances to minimise their tax payable, as well as maximising their Centrelink Age Pension entitlements.


We were also able to minimise the tax that Katherine paid during her final year of work through a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy.


As part of our advice, we investigated both of their existing superannuation arrangements and following this review we identified that they would both save around $1,945 per annum as a result of switching their super providers to a more competitive offering.


Tony and Katherine now enjoy a tax free income in their retirement years, and we continue to provide them with peace of mind through our ongoing administration, portfolio management and financial advice services.

Melanie and Simon (Both Aged 40) – Accumulators


Melanie and Simon are younger business owners who are in that stage of life that we usually term the ‘accumulator’ stage, where they are earning reasonable incomes, steadily repaying debt and beginning to accumulate surplus income and assets.


It is important to identify once you have reached this stage to ensure that you are maximising your opportunities and making the most of your situation.


In this case we implemented several strategies to help them reach their personal goals. In particular, we looked at retirement planning and identified that Melanie and Simon would be falling short of their income and capital requirement without early intervention. Through implementing a super contribution strategy, including salary sacrifice, we were able set them on a path to enable them to reach their retirement goals, while at the same time saving them each around $7,125 in tax , per year.


We also helped them establish a Self-Managed Super fund and continue to provide them with administrative and investment management advice for their super fund, including the use of direct equities.


Finally we were able to safeguard their future by providing them with Personal Life Insurance advice, including income protection, without impacting on their cash-flow. This meant that they could be sure their financial plan could be followed regardless of any illness or injury.


As with all clients, we continue to provide an ongoing service to Melanie and Simon, including ongoing financial advice and legislative watch, which will enable us to help them adapt to any government policy changes that may affect their situation.